Southeast Iowa Early Childhood Summit

Southeast Iowa Early Childhood Summit, held annually, was created to offer resources that will help support parents and childcare providers in their important roles they play in the lives of our children.

Summit 2017 featured Jim Gill Concert and Family Carnival

Southeast Iowa Early Childhood Summit 2017, held on April 26 and 27 focused on PLAY and the importance of play in our children’s lives. A playtime is an excellent tool that helps us connect with our children and teach important skills. Not only is it important for children, but adults also. Families, early childhood educators, and child providers had an opportunity to “play” at our family carnival.

During Summit 2017, Jim Gill, an award-winning musician, and author entertained participants with his distinctive music play created the spirit of a family room in the concert hall and invited to children, parents, and grandparents to sing and play together!