Southeast Iowa Early Childhood Yearly Summit

Southeast Iowa Early Childhood Summit is held annual in April. This summit was created to offer resources that will help support parents and childcare providers in their important roles they play in the lives of our children. We know it can be difficult to be a parent and/or a childcare provide – WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Our focus for this year’s summit is literacy and poverty and the connection between them.

In 2018, participants were able to enjoy a free show and fair, featuring Bob Kann.

Bob Kann is know for simultaneously entertaining children and adults. Growing up on Rocky and Bullwinkle, Bob was exposed to the wonders of presenting different kinds of humor in order to appeal to kids and grown-ups in the same audience.

In this great tradition, Bob performs for family audiences in community centers, performing arts centers, museums, nature centers, zoos, schools, libraries, and other venues where families are present.  He uses storytelling, magic, juggling and audience participation as vehicles for building community by making families laugh and play together.